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Real Estate Agencies in Tenerife

Our cloud-based real estate service House-File Cloud Club has received a Request for Quote (RFQ) from a client (located in Canada), who intends to acquire from 5 to 10 properties located in a close vicinity or in the same residential complex.

If you are interested in this business opportunity, please forward to our attention the list of properties which may potentially comply with client’s requirements.

Please ensure to include all pertinent information such as quality photographs and property details (per each property) in accordance with the following list, as requested by the client:
Information about the residential complex
Number of bedrooms
Number of bathrooms
Total property area, including the terrace (if applicable)
Terrace dimensions and total area (if applicable)
View from the terrace (if applicable)
Kitchen type
Car parking options (indoor, outdoor, private, shared, etc.). If no parking is available, please state “No Parking Available”
Floor number
NOTE. Commission is negotiable.
As our service offers a comparative analysis of the properties, our client should be able to close the deal remotely.
Our client requested to provide 360 VR videos for selected properties. Please ensure our local team in Tenerife has full access to selected properties to film 360 VR videos for further evaluation by the client.
Ownership options
Fractional (Propiedad Fraccional)
Estimated property price range:
150, 000 - 250, 000 € - apartment
500, 000 - 1, 500, 000 € - villas and townhouses
Preferred locations:
Las Americas
Los Cristianos
Costa del Silencio
Golf Del Sur
Playa Paraiso
Callao Salvaje
Office in Tenerife: +34 662 471 260 - Yuriy Kurnosov
Office in Montreal: +1 514 653-7776 - Leonid Matvijenko

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